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A combination of healing practices on four levels:


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If you are looking for support on your cancer journey I would love to help.

I currently offer virtual integrative oncology support and coaching in two specific areas: treatment performance (getting the most out of conventional treatments like surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy) and deeper healing (emotional, mental, and spiritual work to heal issues that may be contributing to disease in the body).

If you are currently pursuing conventional treatment or preparing to receive conventional treatment, our sessions will most likely start with a focus on treatment performance, so that you get the most out of whatever treatment you are receiving.

Once active treatment is complete or you are ready for deeper work, then I will guide you through practices that will uncover and heal underlying issues that may be compromising your physical health.

My approach to both treatment performance and deeper healing involves a combination of healing practices on four levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

My goal is to create a personalized plan for you that will facilitate deep healing and restore well-being in your body.

If you want to work with me, the first step is to schedule a consultation.

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Born to Heal Workshop:
Holistic Healing to Create Optimal Health

When: Nov 14th at 12 pm - 1:30 pm PST
Who: Anyone interested in holistic healing and ready to create optimal health.
Timing: 90 min with Q&A
Workshop Cost: $198










AboutĀ me

Hello. My name is Dr. Katie Deming.

I am an oncologist, former healthcare leader, and inventor who has cared for thousands of patients and designed products and programs that make the cancer experience just a little bit easier.Ā 

I completed all of my medical training at Duke University in North Carolina. I then spent 16 years as a radiation oncologist and healthcare leader within a large integrated healthcare system in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2020, I was at the height of my career in oncology. I had just been nominated for the National Medical Director of Cancer Services in a healthcare system that provides oncology care for 12 Million Americans.

Shortly after completing my interviews for that national position, I had an event similar to a near-death experience that changed everything.Ā  After the event, I knew I needed to leave traditional oncology.Ā 


How To Talk To Someone With Cancer | Katie Deming | TEDxReno

As a radiation oncologist and health care leader, Dr. Deming has worked for decades with cancer patients to create optimal health outcomes. With increased experience, she had the epiphany that the language synonymous with cancer (fighting a battle, winning and losing, survivor, etc) can have detrimental emotional, physiological, and mental implications on a patients' ability to heal.Ā 

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Born to Heal Podcast with Dr. Katie Deming

You may not realize it, but YOU are a natural-born healer. We were all born with the innate ability to heal ourselves. Whether you need physical healing, emotional healing, or even spiritual healing, you can learn to heal from the inside out. Join your host, Dr. Katie Deming, a board-certified radiation oncologist and the founder of MAKEMERRY as she shares her experience in the topic of healing. After 16 years of serving thousands of cancer patients, Dr. Katie Deming recounts her best personal life lessons and teaches how to heal from within.Ā 

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to be the first to know about my upcoming programs and workshops

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