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"... I felt a huge sense of relief when I found Dr. Deming! Dr. Deming was the type of provider I didn't know existed, but was the type of provider who I was longing for in supporting me through my breast cancer treatment and healing.

She is an incredible combination of medical knowledge and expertise combined with a holistic approach.
She has helped me craft specific questions for my oncology team. 
She has helped me identify what is truly important to me and what I need to create a healing and supportive environment. 
She has helped with mindset and attitude. 
And she has made herself available anytime I have a question.
And, as treatment goes on, I have new and different questions every week. Almost halfway through my chemo treatments, I have had minimal side effects, I feel strong emotionally and physically, and I feel a sense of trust and relief in knowing that Dr. Deming is a part of my team. I can't imagine navigating this without her and I am so grateful we found each other..."

"... Working with Dr Katie Deming has been a complete new and wonderful approach to my health and well-being.

I’m discovering what it means to become healthy by integrating all aspects of my life, not just by eating right, sleeping well and exercising but by paying attention to my mental chatter as well as what’s in my heart.

For the first time ever I know that I’m being cared for and guided at all levels of my being: physically, mentally and spiritually.

If you’re looking to become truly proactive in your healthy journey, I invite you to consult with Dr Katie and her team. Your body will thank you later..."

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